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Organic Maple Syrup

What Makes Maple Syrup Organic?

Many of our customers ask "Isn't maple syrup organic already?" Because maple syrup is a natural product and is harvested from wild maple trees consumers often wonder what the difference is between organic vs. non-organic maple syrup. 


In order to be a certified organic maple producer, we must follow a strict set of rules and guideline set by VOF (Vermont Organic Farmers) and approved by the USDA. Our sugaring operation must:  


  • Have an approved forest management plan

    • Ensures stewardship of our land by providing quality habitats for wildlife, creating biodiversity in the sugarbush, eliminating the use of pesticides and promoting an overall healthy sugarbush. 


  • Follow VOF (Vermont Organic Farmers) tapping guidelines

    • Tree diameter, distance from old tap holes to new tap holes, the number of taps per tree, and tubing drop length are four major factors we focus on when tapping our 11,000 maple trees. Following the requirements for each of these four categories helps us maintain a healthy and happy sugarbush.


  • Use  an organic defoamer in our evaporator

    • All sugarmakers use a defoamer when boiling their sap into syrup in order to decrease foam in the evaporator. We use a certified organic safflower oil.


  • Be inspected on a yearly basis 

    • this ensures that we are abiding by all organic standards and guidelines.

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