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Go Classic.

This is what you came here for. Single batch maple syrup - from the tree to your table.

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Meet the Crew


Meet Bob Baird

Bob has been making maple syrup on the Baird Farm for as long as he can remember. Working alongside his grandmother in the sugarbush and sugarhouse sparked his love for maple at a very early age. Bob and his wife, Bonnie, bought his family farm in 1979 and raised dairy cows for 23 years while expanding the sugaring operation. Bob has an immense dedication to farming and is very involved in the Vermont farming community. He worked for the Vermont Land Trusts for 11 years and is currently serving as a board member for Shelburne farms as well as for the VHCB Ag Viability Program. 




Working outside when the weather starts warming up!




Meet Jenna Baird

Jenna, Bob and Bonnie's daughter, has always held a strong connection to Vermont and the farm she grew up on. Throughout high school and college she worked at Wood's Market Garden, an organic vegetable farm in Brandon, Vermont. After graduating from the University of Vermont with a degree in social work she and her partner Jacob traveled across country working on organic farms through the WWOOFing program. In the fall of 2015 they returned back to Vermont and worked for her family during sugaring season. In July 2016 Jenna and Jacob began management of the retail maple business for Baird Farm.



The satisfaction of the first 

big sap run!


Meet Jacob Powsner

Jacob grew up here in Rutland County 20 miles from Baird Farm. He and Jenna met in high school orchestra. Jacob graduated with a bachelor's degree from Bard College before moving to Oregon with Jenna in the spring of 2013. They traveled through Oregon and California working on organic farms. In 2015  they returned back to Vermont and began working on the Baird Farm. Jacob is passionate about working with food and the land in a way which promotes the heritage and traditions of Vermont. When not in the sugarbush, Jacob enjoys playing in the garden, cooking grub and making noise- at times might it sound a little like music.




The smell of the steam in the sugarhouse! 




Meet Bonnie Baird

Bonnie grew up on a dairy farm in Pittsford, Vermont so farming has always been in her roots. She came to the Baird Farm when she was just a teenager working at the bed and breakfast Bob's grandmother used to have in the farmhouse. After buying the farm from Bob's father in 1979 Bonnie and Bob worked together farming and maintaining their property. Aside from farming, Bonnie is also a landscape painter. Her work with the land for so many years influences her artwork. Originally starting in watercolors, Bonnie now is a full time oil painter. She shows her work in different galleries across the state of Vermont.

See her paintings at:




The taste of the first sap of the season! 




Meet Peppermill

Peppermill our farm cat has been with us for over 9 years putting smiles on our face every day. He loves to greet everyone who comes to the farm but especially loves all of the attention he gets from our many syrup customers. One of the friendliest cats around! 




The Impromptu rides on the

four wheelers!




Meet Mavis

Mavis (aka the Sugar Dog) has been with us since March 2017. She has been a wonderful addition to our family, although we are still working on getting Peppermill and Mavis to hang out together. (It's a work in progress) Mavis loves sitting on her spot on the porch waiting to say hello to anyone that comes in the yard. She also loves maple covered dog treats.




Hiking in the sugarbush with the team.



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